About the Union

The Union is a public advantage service organization that is working in the interest of society, especially people in critical life situations who need encouragement, rehabilitation, or social readaptation. We encourage such people regardless of their social status, ethnicity, or religion, and we do not convict them regardless of reasons that might have brought them to such a disastrous state. We respect the human right to have a free will and to order one’s own life. We believe that, in helping people to get out of crises and to return to full-fledged life, we make a significant contribution to a firm, positive movement of society. Our activity is based on volunteers’ work and the charity of people who care of others. We try to use all available technological, organizational, intellectual, informational, and material facilities to help people in the best way.

The Union is an umbrella organization with fixed membership. Its members are nonprofit public bodies working in the field specified above.

The Union:

  • provides choice of adequate strategies of management for member organizations of the Union and defines the efficient activity for realization of these strategies, staying on principle of subsidization which is a priority of interests and goals of member organizations;
  • defends values, goals, tasks, and interests of members in contact with any organization and represents member organizations on corresponding state, public, and the other forums;
  • develops relationships and cooperation between members and other nonprofit organizations and tries to provide efficiency of usage of their resources, avoiding duplication of programs and activities;
  • gives member organizations such services as information, education, consultancy, organization of processes for self-regulation, and self-certification;
  • verifies observance of laws by other organizations including state and municipal organizations in interaction with member organizations of the Union;
  • assists legitimacy of member organization activity, insisting on observance of all normative requirements of laws, helping to legally regulate situations in which organization-members are accused of breaking the normative requirements;
  • periodically publishes the list of member organizations of the Union and all events of leaving the Union;
  • develops internal corporative behavior rules and insists on observance of them as a condition for membership in the Union;
  • assists modern international management standards in activity member organizations of the Union;
  • provides timeliness, transparency, and high quality in reporting by member organizations of the Union, annually values their results by collective installed criterion and henceforth contributes adjustment in activity of the Union taking into account social, technological, economic factors;
  • provides adequate competency of board members, employees and volunteers of the Union and member organizations, trying to attract and hold employees who combine professional competence with a devotion to their business.

The main managing structure of the Union is a common meeting which defines and periodically revises the mission and strategic tasks of the Union.

The board elected by the common meeting holds operative functions of the Union management. The board provides operative planning and interaction of member organizations of the Union, develops and fulfills the projects of the Union within the framework of authorized activity.

The main executive of the Union, representing the interests of member organizations without warrant, is the President of the Union. The President of the Union provides the Union with all normative development and human resource documents to ensure staff stability and wholeness of the Union.